Learn How to Build a Brand with Your Company Logo

Last updated: 01-31-2021

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Learn How to Build a Brand with Your Company Logo

When you meet someone for the first time, you’ll always remember the impression they make. The same applies when potential customers have initial contact with your company. Your logo is the face of your business. When prospective clients engage with it, you’ll want them to remember you forever. How do you achieve this?

Making your company logo unforgettable involves some smart brainstorming plus creative graphic design. Maybe you’re a startup in need of some innovation and inspiration, or perhaps you’d like to revamp your current brand. Your logo can help you rise up against your rivals, plus you should easily be able to utilize it in your business marketing strategy. Here are five ways to build your brand with a company logo.

It’s impossible for your business to offer all things to all people. Find your focus right from the get go and use it while building your brand. Consider your positioning statement—what product or service do you offer or sell? Who are you targeting? What makes you different from your competitors, and why should customers do business with you?

To help you do this, brainstorm a few adjectives linked to your brand. Describe it as a person, pondering its personality and characteristics. How does it look and sound?

If you are getting childcare business logo designed, then perhaps a concept or metaphor would best describe your brand or it’s easier to visualize your brand as an animal, playground, items of learning, a globe or teacher. Think of something or someone with a high and respected status and aim for your brand to rise to the same reputation.

If your focus is parents, you might pick a graduation cap or person climbing ladder. This communicates leadership, high achievement in academics, and success. In short, the logo you pick should reflect your focus.

If you’re targeting parents, make sure they’re top of your reach list. Your brand’s message and mission will be to meet their specific needs. The more precise you are, the better you’ll cater to your target market’s behaviors and lifestyle with your marketing. This requires a detailed study of a particular niche. Your commitment to addressing this identified group will set your brand apart from the others.

By narrowing your target audience focus and aligning your branding with this, your selected group will relate to and understand what you offer. Consider their age, gender, geographic location, level of education and profession, and don’t forget their goals, motivations and life dreams.

Brainstorming these demographics helps you determine the perfect target audience for your brand. You want to reach the right people who’ll ultimately contribute to the successful growth of your company. A cleverly designed logo, incorporating all this research, will attract the attention of your selected audience.

Instead of trying to be a different version of an existing item, make your brand unique with its own personality and offerings.

Brand personality is twofold: your engagement with prospective clients and your business voice. For these aspects, decide how you would like to communicate with your customers and how would you like them to respond. Does your brand sound corporate and professional or friendly and personable? You need to decide whether you want to be serious or fun, exclusive or accessible to everyone. For example, using the words “I” or “you” in your accompanying logo slogan can form an instant connection with your target audience.

Your personality should be clear during all brand building activities. Also make sure your brand’s voice is consistent across all points of contact between your business and your audience.

Your logo design must reflect your future customers’ needs, wants and values and effectively communicate your message to them. While your logo should match with your industry, you can also pick specific colors, icons and typography to clearly represent exactly who you are. This includes studying what they like or dislike in a brand, and whatlogo colors would influence emotions and moods.

Looking to design a logo for a beverage for kids? Keeping it simple, fun and interactive are some ways to visually appeal to your selected target market.

Cohesion is critical! To build a solid brand your customers can rely on, your branding needs to reflect throughout all platforms of your business. You won’t only build your brand once but will continue with this process on an ongoing basis. How? By ensuring your brand components—such as a logo—are seen wherever your target audience can have access to it.

Incorporate printed and digital materials—from business cards and brochures to billboard advertisements, corporate stationery and your website. On all these, a logo is an easy way of adding a recognizable image.

Ensure visual consistency by always using your specific brand logo colors, fonts and imagery. Whether your target audience comes across your company in a magazine or online, they should easily be able to identify you and associate what they see with your brand’s message, personality and voice.

It’s not easy to build a brand that stands out from the rest but it’s possible if you remember a few guidelines. Your brand’s appearance, the elicited emotions and your target audience connection are key factors to incorporate. By keeping in mind the above five ideas, you’re on your way to building a meaningful, memorable and identifiable brand for your business, with the help of a creatively designed and effective company logo that sticks!

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