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Last updated: 10-06-2020

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Why Keywords Aren’t All That | Website Designs Content Marketing

If you’ve got a website, you will have heard all sorts of things about SEO. You will have heard that you need to research your keywords and create content with a certain number of keywords if you want your website to appear high within the search engines. Whilst some of this is indeed true, much of what you hear isn’t. You do need to use keywords, but there it a lot more involved than that.

Google and all other search engines are smarter than they used to be, just look at the revenue Google generates and accept that you cannot manipulate its search engine. Nowadays they not only understand when a search term is used on a website, they understand what the website is all about. They also know how to find out why the website is important and why they should take notice of it. So while keywords are still used, you now also need to have a backup such as actual content that speaks to your audience in an intelligent and valuable way, if you want the search engines to sit up and take note.

When using video on your website, the only keywords used are in the title and maybe the description, which means there are not really that many keywords. Yet video is a big traffic driver and is weighted very heavily when it comes to sending traffic your way, perhaps because search engines can now understand videos. If you want to increase traffic, you need to add video to your website as often as you add other types of content.

The content on your website and that you create, regardless of whether it’s text, video or images needs to be interesting and engaging to your target audience and unique and original. You should not create content specifically for search engine optimization purposes, instead you need to create content to appeal to your audience, educating, entertaining and solving their problems.

If your website is not mobile friendly at the moment you’re reading this, stop reading and go find out how you can make your website mobile it is that important. It’s more important than your content right now because without it being mobile, search engines will not list the site in the search engine results as they give preference to mobile friendly websites. Once you’re mobile friendly, start populating your website with more content that’s original and engaging to your audience.

One of the biggest driving forces in getting higher search engine results is the engagement that your content generates. When your audience comments, clicks your links, shares your content with others and engages with you, the search engines know and measure this and rank your website accordingly.

If you want to increase engagement ensure your website has all of the social share options available so that people can easily share your information. Ensure your website has the right coding behind the scenes to help properly format such sharing activities. Oh and share your own information on Twitter, Facebook and which ever social media platforms your audience use.

Keywords do indeed help you get ranked on Google and the other search engines, they help identify what it is that you do, and help people find you. But, they’re not everything and not all that important. There is more to getting higher search engine results than throwing up some keyword-rich content, despite what some search engine consultants will tell you. The content needs to be relevant, targeted, and interesting to your audience to get real results, oh and those keywords are often automatically generated in a natural way that search engines love when you create lots of relevant content, so keep hitting that publish button.

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