Things to Consider When Creating a Content Marketing Plan for Your Blog

Last updated: 08-25-2020

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Things to Consider When Creating a Content Marketing Plan for Your Blog

Almost everyone that starts a blog, starts one without any thought of developing a content marketing plan for their blog, they are so enthusiastic that they jump right in and simply write article after article until they burn out. Preparing a content marketing plan for your blog will put you way ahead of your competition, because without one you will only ever blog when the inspiration takes hold and you won’t have any sort of regular content plan. Those, who are serious and want to create a money making, high value blog, always start with a plan.

How can you create content that engages and talks to your audience if you don’t know who exactly your audience is? You need to know what words and what content makes an impact on them, additionally you need to know all of their worries, problems, fears, loves and interest and how these relate to your products and services. The more you can speak to your audience in their language about your products and services, the more engagement and impact your content will have on them.

The niche you’re involved in has a past, present and future, it’s important to understand the history of your niche as well as who the movers and shakers are in it and what the buzz is regarding it. Your niche is typically part of a larger industry and knowing about your industry as a while, will keep you are the forefront of your industry. This can help you improve the content you create and take your blog to a whole new level.

Knowing in advance about what is coming up, or being aware enough to jump on something that has just happened in the news surrounding your industry are important components in creating an excellent content plan. Seriously real time marketing can make an ordinary blog, extraordinary, so whether you blog about events, accomplishments, and happenings in your own life, or about a business industry, it doesn’t matter. Keep it relevant by matching it to things your audience cares about.

Today, your blogging content has to work in concert with newsletters, email campaigns and social media content. You cannot plan your blog content without thinking about how you will promote the content using these other channels. It’s no longer good enough to write it “and they will come” instead, it’s important to understand how it all works together and to actually make it work.

Your blog needs to have more than just a blog page. There are important pages that you will need in order to look very professional. Potential pages to choose from could be:

Not only are these pages important, but they also provide more real estate to add in copy that is needed to attract search engine traffic and your actual audience that you want to read your blog posts. Decide in advance what pages you’ll have so that you can plan the content for each of these main pages.

Once you’ve determined the pages you need outside of the “blog” page, it’s important to determine which categories you’ll have on your blog. Limiting the number of categories for your blog is important, try to stick with between 9 to 15 categories. The more you can narrow down the subject matter and categories, the more focused your blog posts will be and the easier your audience will be able to locate the content that interests them.

When creating the content marketing plan for your blog, ask yourself how often you plan to post content. I personally blog daily and have for well over a year now, and some months I’ve even been known to published multiple articles each day, this is hard work and not for the faint hearted. So think about the time you can commit, the number of posts you want to publish each week and then give yourself a time frame that you will stick to your schedule in. When I started I made the commitment to blog daily for at least one year, by using an editorial calendar and always ensuring I work ahead of schedule I have easily managed this. By working ahead of schedule you will also avoid blogger burnout as you can always take a day or two off because your content for the next week is already written, so all stress is gone.

Studying keywords within your niche can help you come up with categories as well as subjects which you want to blog about. The subjects can also help determine what forms the content will appear in. For example, you may want to interview movers and shakers within your niche. These might be better suited for a podcast while a “how to” post might be better if it appears as a video on your blog.

Creating a content marketing plan for your blog is an essential element in having a successful blog. Without a plan of action to move your blog forward, it’s easy to get stuck only blogging when the whim strikes, which is why most blogs do not produce any meaningful income or results for the bloggers. Blogging with purpose and focus makes all the difference, and that starts with a content marketing plan.

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