Boost Your Content Marketing with Infographics

Last updated: 09-04-2020

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Boost Your Content Marketing with Infographics

Infographics is an entertaining, educating, and an extremely useful tool that you can use in your content marketing strategy. It can be used to graphically or visually represent information, data, or knowledge that can be understood by the viewer quickly and clearly. The use of  infographics has had an increasing trend in the last decade as it is an effective way to spread your brand message in an innovative way.  But how do infographics help you achieve this? Let’s take a look -

Attractive and Compelling - People love facts, figures, and statistics, and they are attracted more towards images and graphics. Using colorful and eye-catching infographics is the best way to get your message to the audience. It is the secret ingredient of having addictive content.

Easy to View and Scan - 90% of the information our brain receives is through visual sources. Hence, making use of colorful infographics helps you tap into the optic nerve of your audience as you provide them content that is easy to scan, view, and understand.

Viral Nature - The fact that infographics are striking and can be shared easily on social networks makes it viral in nature. Inforgraphics are shared on social media sites more than ordinary text content. With infographics, just a click is enough to make your content go viral.

Brand Awareness - Infographics offer a great way to increase brand awareness amongst audiences. An infographic, with your logo and brand embedded on it, can be used as a powerful tool to generate greater brand awareness.

Get More Traffic - Infographics are linked to your website and hence, whenever people click and share them, it automatically drives traffic to your website. It is found from research that for businesses that use compelling infographics, traffic grows at an average rate of 12%.

Better SEO - Infographics are viral in nature and so more and more people will link to your site. As a result, your website will get indexed higher on Google’s page rank algorithm making your website better optimized for search engines.

Creating an infographic requires expert knowledge of the chosen topic. Use of correct information and data that is both relevant and trustworthy is important to connect with the audience and to show that you’re an expert in that field.  

Content marketing is not limited to blog posts anymore. Instead, it needs a diverse skillset to create content that can be used to build an audience. Infographics help enhance brand visibility and recognition within the content marketing strategy. Include this useful visual tool in your content marketing strategy and attract more audiences. 

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