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Last updated: 09-27-2020

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Audience Building Tips | Website Designs Content Marketing

The fact of the matter is that no matter how far you are into your business, you need to always be building your audience. While many of your audience may stick around, some will move on, so continuing to build your audience will ensure positive growth for years to come.

Create an avatar for your ideal customer so that you know that the content and information you distribute to them is accurate and what they want to see. You need to know where they hang out, what they want out of life, and what keeps them up at night. That way you can craft content that means the most to them.

The more you know about all the products and services you sell, the better you can speak to your audience about the benefits of them. If you hire others (whether contractors or employees), you want to ensure that you have a way to distribute this information to them.

Keep very focused on the type of content you send to your audience. If you stray and get too far off the mark, you’ll attract the wrong people. If you really want to build a targeted audience that wants to buy what you’re selling, stay focused and only publish and share relevant content and information.

The internet has changed a lot over the years and it will continue to change. What is clear is that social activity online helps business owners attract a bigger and more dedicated audience. Not only should you be on social media (the ones your audience is on), you should also be active on it and engage with your audience.

Don’t just use one type of content. Use many types of content. In fact, you can start with a webinar and turn it into dozens of types of content for you to communicate with your audience. You need content that educates, informs, and engages your audience to the point that they want more so they join your email list.

While all the content you create should be relevant, well researched, and well made, you need to keep the content coming on a regular basis. If you have an email list, a day shouldn’t pass without a message. If you have a blog, you can post two to three times a week. On social media, it should be several times a day.

Remember that to truly build an audience, you need to get them on your email list. If they’re not on your email list then they’re not really your audience yet. They belong to the social networks you’re part of, and maybe they’re active and responsive to your calls to action, but what would happen if Facebook went away? It will eventually happen. Just look at the history of the internet and you’ll soon see that nothing ever stays the same.

Outside of emails, social networks, and everything you need to do, find ways to communicate with your audience in every way possible. Publish a book, publish in magazines, publish in blogs, and connect with them individually and personally as much as possible.

People get reputations fast online because of social media. It doesn’t take much to get a bad rep. Even if someone isn’t your audience and they’re asking questions, choose to be nice. Be a resource to people even if you think they won’t buy from you. Your audience is watching. They will judge you for your behavior.

Video gets shared more, is engaged with more, and builds audiences fast – especially if it happens to go viral. Whether it’s live video on Facebook Live, or recorded video for YouTube, or a webinar that you recorded, it’s important to add this type of content to your arsenal.

Add images to your text-based content and your social posts to get more attention. Add images to your blogs, including old posts that you may have published years ago that have no images or older, out-of-date images. Imagery is very important today online to get attention.

Audience building is something you should do from the day you decide to start your business. Your business is only here because of your audience and your customers. When you realize that, you know that you need to do everything you can to find them.

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