How to Provide Real Value to Customers with Content | Website Designs

Last updated: 12-17-2020

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How to Provide Real Value to Customers with Content | Website Designs

One of the reasons you create content, other than for search engines, is to satisfy your target audience. In fact, all content should be created with the idea that it should be valuable to your audience or best customers first and foremost. If it doesn’t provide value of some sort to this group of people, then it shouldn’t be created or published.

The days of content for content’s sake are long gone. Nowadays content needs to be something your audience wants and needs, not just something to pad the search engines out.

The first thing you need to be sure of is that you know who you’re creating the content for. If it helps, create an audience persona who wants to read this particular article or watch the video you’re creating. That way you can address them directly in a way that makes them want to keep using the content.

What reason do you have for creating this particular piece of content? Did someone ask a question? Do you need to teach them something? Are you trying to get them to buy something or download something or sign up for something?

Have you put in the right headers, the right title, and the right information within the content to help people find it? It will help you if you use a plugin like Yoast SEO to help with this process.

Remember that where you put the content should determine how it’s laid out. People read differently online than offline. People read in an F-pattern online; down, then left to right, rather than just left to right like with printed items. Also, if you’re making a video, the sound, lighting, and quality should be good too.

Did you write it in such a way that they’ll get it and understand it, using words that they resonate with? That’s why the audience you’re creating the content for is so important.

Every piece of content you publish should have a CTA, or else it’s really not going to perform the way you hope. Even on your blog, every single post should tell your audience what to do next.

Ensure that everyone can share it and that you ask them to share it too. The more any piece of content is shared, the more eyes will get on it. Since birds of a feather flock together, when your target audience shares your content, it’s powerful.

This is an important part of content creation, because you want people to develop trust in you. This is especially important if you outsource content. Always have someone responsible for fact checking to ensure that you are posting accurate information.

Everyone has a different learning style, which means that if you post similar content in different forms it’ll be that much more interesting and valuable. The value comes in because you’re making sure that all of your audience gets it.

Content is a very important part of your marketing efforts. But, it’s also part of providing real value to your audience. If the content you create doesn’t solve a problem, answer a question, and lead your audience toward the solution to their problems, it won’t be of much value to you or them.

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