Why Content Marketing Should Be Included In Your Customer Retention Strategy | Stencil

Last updated: 02-09-2021

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Why Content Marketing Should Be Included In Your Customer Retention Strategy | Stencil

Content marketing is a strategy for creating, and publishing useful content to attract users and gain trust. She always takes into account the goals of the company. That is why it can be integrated into other strategies. After all, everything that changes is the goal.

Therefore, today we will show you how to use content marketing to retain customers. Would you like to learn how to use content to make your relationship with users stronger and more trusting? Then read the article to the end. Especially for you, we have collected 4 solutions that will turn ordinary blog articles into customer retention tools.

The purchase is not the final point of interaction with the company. After receiving the product, the customer will probably want to know more about the use of the product in order to get the most out of it. Accordingly, he will have specific questions. It is likely that they will be repeated for different clients since the difficulties are often identical.

It is worth making a list of popular customer questions. This will create response scripts for managers and speed up maintenance. However,75% of customers prefer self-service resources to a customer service representative. Therefore, it is also worth implementing.

This will require conducting research and identifying customer questions. The answers to them should be placed in the appropriate section on the website or in the application. This step will provide the company with many benefits:

A simple example of a good implementation of this idea is the YouTube Help Center. Here questions are organized into understandable categories so that users can quickly find answers. Videos, tutorials, and even a dedicated community to ask a question are also available.

Brand values matter. This is one of the things that affects the customer’s commitment to the company.89% of Americans are loyal to brands that uphold values that are close to them. And 79% of the buzzers surveyed said they prefer to interact with companies that help change the world for the better.

Therefore, your brand values ​​are important. They don’t have to be large scale. Equally important will be fairness to clients and the donation of a portion of the income from products to conserve forests. The key is to incorporate this into your marketing strategy. Then people who share the company’s values ​​are more likely to return. To incorporate these into your marketing strategy, show what the brand is doing in a specific direction.

Imagine you have a company whose value is protecting customers from the dangers of COVID-19. You can incorporate this into your marketing strategy in the following ways:

The challenge is to link marketing to the emotions that upholding the company’s values evokes. This will make the customers feel good. It will become clear that by supporting a particular brand, people are helping to promote the ideas that the company stands for.

Putting your customer first is a great way to become the best for your target audience. Try to understand what the user values, what benefit he is looking for in the product, what unmet wants/needs he has. The definition of these parameters will ensure the continuous customer-oriented development of the company.

How do you implement this in your content strategy? There are many options for implementing the idea. Imagine there is a news blog that provides up-to-date information on a variety of topics.

You can make information even more accessible and timely by creating an application. Especially if you provide the function of subscribing to categories. However, in software, relevance is important. To make your app more enjoyable for your customers and your company, you need to update it regularly.

Personalization will also help in this matter. For example, an online shoe store can use data about the geographic location of customers by providing relevant content. This is especially true for international companies.

A user from Egypt is unlikely to need membrane boots with a temperature regime of -10 degrees Celsius. However, they will prove to be relevant for Northern Canada residents. You can filter your search results. Also, taking into account the location of the person, certain articles may be offered to him. For example, recommendations for choosing winter shoes.

A site blog is a treasure trove of valuable information. Personalizing your email newsletter can make it even more useful. Modern services allow you to track the interests and preferences of users, providing content that is most likely to interest a person. This is a valuable experience.

However, by creating a closed community for regular customers, you will take your interaction to a whole new level. You can do this on a social network. For example, Facebook or LinkedIn.

In the community, you can provide information that will be available only to regular customers. Unlike introductory content, such content can be specialized. This will allow deeper disclosure of the topic and strengthen the expert’s image.

Plus, building a community of loyal customers will make it easier to bring new products to market. You can make special offers and promotions for a limited audience. This will give people a sense of exclusivity. After all, content, promotions, and rewards are available to a limited number of people.

High quality content helps build positive trust. However, this is not easy to achieve. After all, the presence of even minor typos can spoil the impression. To avoid this, use special services and assignment help company like Grammarly, etc. So you can be sure of good quality.

Content is one of the ways to attract customers. It allows you to gain the user’s trust. Content marketing integrated with retention strategy allows you to develop a plan to build brand advocates. This is done through customer-oriented copywriting.

Above, we have described four ways to help you implement it. This means that they will help bring relationships with loyal customers to a qualitatively new level.

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