How to make interactive content engage your audience

Last updated: 03-14-2021

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How to make interactive content engage your audience

Content is the core of any successful marketing campaign. Good content builds trusted relationships with the target audience, increases brand awareness. And as a result, grows profit. That is why the creation of valuable and relevant content is a top priority for any modern brand. 

However, a huge amount of content and information is consumed daily. People are already used to the monotonous type of content they are offered. It encourages marketers to look for new kinds of content to gain potential consumers’ attention and arouse interest in the brand. 

Interactive content is one of them. It requires active engagement from the audience, involves interacting directly, and provides something valuable in return. Moreover, it creates a unique experience unlike passive reading or viewing images.

To increase brand loyalty, add some humanity and personality by creating a professional email signature. With the help of anemail signature software, you can create email signatures for all employees and manage them in one place.

Interactive content creates two-way communication between the brand and the audience by making every consumer a part of the story. It delivers a positive customer experience that helps to develop a deeper loyalty to the brand. Getting the consumers to know your brand closer than others gives you a competitive advantage setting you apart from competitors.

Using interactivity generates traffic to your website about 500% more than other content. The consumer has a reason to stay on your page, getting something different and unique. Such numbers can significantly increase the effectiveness of your sales funnel. 

Keep in mind that people revisit sites they like. Consequently, your content ranks better organically in the search engines, leading to more page views. 

Traditionally word of mouth is one of the most powerful and effective tools in marketing. In today’s digital world, sharing content with friends in social media can be considered as a modern interpretation of word of mouth. If you deliver a satisfying, entertaining, or educational experience to your audience, they  want to share it with others. Interactive content like no other makes people engage and share content with friends. That’s why much of the high-quality interactive content goes viral.

Interactive content it’s not above fun and entertainment only. The educational component plays a main role in attracting people who can be potential consumers. 

Interactive infographics, maps, calculators, video tours and guides, or quizzes show that your brand is ready to go the extra mile and not obsessed with sales only. When interactive educational content provides solutions to specific points of pain, brand loyalty increases. It attracts not only existing consumers but also those who can be potential ones. 

If you think your audience receives tons of similar promotional emails every day, you are right. Therefore, consumers have become blind to classical emails. An outstanding alternative to traditional mails is interactive emails.

The main feature and advantage is an opportunity to take action within the email – a perfect way to promote new offers or sales. The purchase can be performed directly in the email. Making the ordering process fast, simple, comfortable, and without additional links to other pages,

One more attractive and helpful way for marketers to create an interactive email is by adding quizzes or polls. In this case, there are benefits for both consumers and the brand. Every consumer feels unique and important when answering about his preferences. While the company receives valid and relevant information about the audience and deeper understands their needs.

Insert video and animation into emails to make them creative and visually attractive. Also, attach a specific product page to your email, add an image carousel or let the consumer write a review into his inbox. 

No matter how great an interactive email you create, it loses its value if the email signature is missing. For consumers, quite essential to know that there are the same living people behind the brand as they are. The email signature is an important final touch that breaks the wall between a faceless brand and a customer. You can achieve an excellent humanity effect if youdraw signatureelements on your own.   

Another advantage is the ability to share your excellent interactive content with everyone you correspond with. Promote your interactive video, quiz, or poll using a banner or call-to-action buttons in your email signature. 

Infographics are used forvisualization information as much as for building links from relevant publications. Statistics show that people like infographics because it is a fast and visually attractive way to learn new information. 

Interactive infographics have the same concept as a static version but engage to interact. This kind highlights some parts that people can interact with. They can click on those parts, and a set of statistics will be shown, for example.

Quizzes are the most highly successful format of interactive content you can create and the most engaging audience. There are two reasons for such efficiency: they are fun and often highly shareable.

Polls are a quick and interactive way to ask your audience a question. You can use polls to know your consumer on a deeper level and offer them segmented content based on their results.  

Games can create noise in social media, generate engagement and collect relevant user information. But, this kind of interactive content is quite expensive and requires large budgets.

Calculators are one more kind of interactive content that shows your potential customers how much money or time they can save using your product or service. When consumers can find out the price or future benefits using a calculator, they feel that the brand is completely honest with them. 

If you want your target audience to read long content, an interactive e-book will cope with this like nothing else. Unlike usual e-books, interactive ones include videos, links, audio, and other interactive elements. Creating and providing an interactive e-book can be a separate efficient strategy to strengthen your brand. Also, it helps increase your email list and customer base.

The interactive magazine is not an exception and also includes content that requires action from the readers. Clicking, touching, or swiping are used to turn pages or buy a product directly from a magazine. This kind of interactive content drives traffic from your magazine, increases sales and brand appeal.

An interactive video gives the ability to interact with the video content. Users can do various actions like click, drag, scroll, and others to control the video. Their interaction can define the direction, the following scenes and even may affect the final. 

The brightest example is Netflix’s original film, Bandersnatch. It became successful and viral because viewers had a choice on how the movie progressed.

Modern technologies of VR, AR, and 360° video are actively used in making interactive videos. When a brand keeps up with the times, it becomes an industry leader, builds brand loyalty, and stands out from competitors. 

Creating interactive content lets the audience experience something new and original. It is a fantastic way to drive engagement from your audience, more leads, and brand loyalty.

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