From the future of newsletters to AI and audience needs: Here is the Newsrewired agenda

From the future of newsletters to AI and audience needs: Here is the Newsrewired agenda is hosting the 30th edition of Newsrewired, the conference for digital media innovators, in London on 24 May.

With just two weeks to go until the event, here is the agenda, which we developed to ensure all participants leave the day not only inspired by the talks and the new connections made on the day, but equipped with the tools to act on that inspiration. Head to for more information about our speakers, the venue, and to book your ticket.

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10:05 - Building resilient newsrooms: The skills media managers need in 2022

A panel discussion withJohn Crowley (consultant),Yasir Khan (Thomson Reuters Foundation),Cristina Nicolotti Squires (Sky News) andMeera Selva (Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism) that will touch on what it takes for newsrooms - and the individuals that work there - to develop resilience.

Network with your fellow attendees and take time to reflect on the day so far. Refreshments provided.

11:10 - Navigating the relationship between platforms and publishers

With viewpoints from platforms, regulatory bodies, and publishers, we will look at what the platform-publisher relationship should look like and touch on issues including privacy, advertising, disinformation and revenue.

What next for newsletters? We will hear from Farrah Storr, head of writer partnerships at Substack UK, and the Financial Times' head of newsletters Sarah Ebner in this session, to talk about the role of the newsletter in growing audience and revenue.

12:00 - Using the news to tackle polarisation and strengthen democracy

How can we make journalism work better for our communities? In an era where polarisation drives tensions and conflicts at every level of society, we will discuss the role of the media and hear from journalists who have worked on projects aimed at fostering understanding - not division - between different groups.

First party data: Why it is important and how to use it

We are delighted to host this workshop led by FT Strategies, who will teach you how to work with first party data in a way that supports your newsroom's business goals.

Lunch is provided at the venue.

14:10 - Creating content for and with young audiences

These panellists are experts at creating news that appeals to Gen Z and younger millennials. Get all the inside knowledge on how to cover the news for a highly politically engaged audience who grew up on social media and puts a premium on content quality.

15:00 - Revenue models in a changing world: Where is the ceiling for subscribers?

A huge number of news organisations now rely on reader revenue in some way, in the quest for revenue diversification as well as deeper audience relationships and greater independence from platforms. But once you have got rolled out your subscription or membership programmes, how do you plan for the future?

Hear from the Guardian, flagbearers of the voluntary donation model who has begun testing paywalls; Sifted, an example of how membership works for niche media; and Tortoise, where deep relationships with members are at the heart of their 'slow journalism' strategy. Whether you are just getting started with reader revenue or have a well-developed subscription programme, this session will leave you with actionable tips to take back to your newsroom, as well as new questions to ponder.

Workshop: Using AI to deliver relevant content for your audiences

JournalismAI is a project launched in 2019 by Polis, the journalism think-tank of the LSE, in collaboration with the Google News Initiative, to inform media organisations about the potential offered by AI-powered technologies. In this workshop, JournalismAI will guide participants through a crash course on AI and machine learning for journalists, with a close look at the role of AI in finding out what your audiences most value and delivering content that meets those needs.

Network with your fellow attendees and take time to reflect on the day so far. Refreshments provided.

16:00 - How can we best train and retain the journalists of the future?

With speakers from the NCTJ, City University, two newsrooms with innovative training programmes, and the founder of So You Want to be a Journalist, this panel will look at the best ways of ensuring our newsrooms are prepared to support new journalists and address the question of how you equip journalists with the right skills in a fast-changing industry. We will focus on how to ensure the industry becomes more representative of the people we write for, by putting diversity at the centre of training programmes.

Digest what you have learned throughout the day and exchange contact details with your peers and industry experts. Drinks and nibbles provided.

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