5 New Small Business Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Company

Last updated: 12-16-2020

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5 New Small Business Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Company

Today, small business owners should be paying close attention to the marketing strategies and trends that rise currently. Do you want to skyrocket your small business to the exponential growth? You need to use all of the marketing strategies explained here.

Focusing on the mobile space is one of the marketing strategies that should not be abandoned, but there are new tactics and consumer behaviors to consider.

From PayPal to Amazon and from Google to Apple: 2017 is shaping up to be a solid year for online payment providers that encourage customers to transform their smartphones into digital wallets.

Although a firm set of security and payment standards has yet to be formulated, more players are expected to join the digital wallet revolution. The current leader is Apple Pay; therefore, it behooves business owners with checkout points to talk to their merchant processing providers about implementing the right terminals.

Here, the idea behind these marketing strategies is to give customers as many payment options as possible.

The mobile revolution is being spearheaded by video content. According to a recent survey by AdWeek, nearly 60 percent of consumers who pay attention to online advertising prefer watching promotional content on their smartphones. The vertical video consists of short clips that are suitable to be viewed on smartphones held in portrait mode. The three rules of vertical video production are: clips must be informational, clever and engaging.

One of the most intimate methods of brand promotion these days consists of producing a podcast that speaks directly to the interests of prospects and existing customers. Consumers who subscribe to podcasts are similar to car shoppers who show up to a dealership with their checkbooks in their back pockets; they are clear about their intentions.

Some of the keys to successful podcast production include sound editing and diversity of topics. For example, a personal finance podcast should not be limited to credit cards and mortgages; alternative methods of financing such as car title loans should also be explored.

Even though we are living in the age of social media, traditional advertising outlets such as television commercials, radio spots, and billboards should not be ignored in 2017. If anything, legacy advertising is being used to direct the attention of consumers towards online marketing efforts.

Case in point: the eco-friendly billboards used by Toyota to promote the cutting-edge Mirai sedan powered by hydrogen. These clever billboards are made of a special vinyl coated with titanium oxide; when smog and acid rain come into contact with this surface, the air around the billboard is purified by means of nitrogen dioxide removal. Since the Mirai’s emissions mostly contain water, these air purifying billboards are very apropos and have gotten lots of attention on social media.

After conquering the mobile space, the use of Big Data is the next most important marketing trend developing in 2017. Although it seems as if the corporate world has appropriated Big Data, small business owners should not feel disheartened at all; internet marketing firms these days have access to key analytics derived from massive data sets that can be leveraged for the benefit of smaller companies.

In the end, owners of small enterprises should remember that marketing and branding will continue to be two of the most important business processes they should improve in 2017.

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