5 Promotional Products That Are As Good As Dirt

5 Promotional Products That Are As Good As Dirt

The demand for sustainability is unending. In past five years, 85% of global consumers have become greener in their purchasing. A 2021 study by global strategy and pricing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners found that consumers are embracing sustainability by changing their purchasing behaviors.

To remain relevant, companies must transform and innovate their businesses. For 29% of consumers, sustainability plays a role in purchasing decisions. When it comes to consumer goods, 63% consider sustainability an important criterion when buying.

Companies are getting creative, using biodegradable materials to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Last year, Puerto Rico declared an ecological emergency due to the rapid destruction of its coral reefs—a crucial first line of defense for coastal environments.

To restore these prized ecosystems, beer company Medalla Light partnered with marine biologists to turn beer bottles—86,000 to date—back into a mixture that will help repopulate lost reefs. These biodegradable beer bottles are made from sand and contain some compounds that corals already use to create their skeletons.

Biodegradable materials are good for the environment and your clients’ brands.They can break down in a natural environment without leaving toxins.Today, 50% of consumers rank sustainability as a top five value driver, but this preference is only expected to grow. Materials that are plant-based, contain human and animal waste, food waste or are made from natural animal and plantbi-products are gentler on the environment.

For companies willing to invest in more sustainable products, their customers are also willing to meet them halfway. On average, over a third of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability.

From ashes to ashes and dust to dust, here are promo products that’ll surely turn to dirt.

The Titan Biodegradable Cooling Towel fuses strength and durability while featuring fibers engineered to help reduce harmful microplastics. Made of biodegradable polyester fabric, this towel can biodegrade in as little as 300 days. The advanced fibers break down when exposed to the right environment, such as landfills and oceans.

Increase your client’s brand visibility with this biodegradable two-color cardboard pen. This pen is made from 31% recycled material and 50% biodegradable material. It’s made with recycled paper and a natural-based plastic made from corn.Each end of the pen includes a different ink color.

This wheat straw tableware set is completely renewable, biodegradable and food safe. Made from eco-friendly wheat straw, this set includes one fork, one spoon and one pair of chopsticks. Your client’s logo can be customized on the box.

This 12-ounce tumbler is made from a blend of natural organic bamboo fiber and polypropylene. The bamboo fiber coffee cup with lid is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It comes with a matching food-grade silicone lid and silicone grip.

Perfect for parties, holiday gifts and trade shows,this burlap shopping tote has a cotton webbed handle. It is made with natural organic jute and is recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable for the environment.

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