Why LinkedIn Marketing is go-to Social Media for any B2B Company Searching for Customers

Last updated: 06-30-2020

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Why LinkedIn Marketing is go-to Social Media for any B2B Company Searching for Customers

LinkedIn has social media marketing tools used by both B2B and B2C companies, although its effectiveness is mostly associated to B2B. With so many opportunities to release content and then, to target it to the appropriate audience, instantly win yourself new business.

Using both organic marketing strategies and paid advertising, your brand can engage with the right people and begin building loyalty. Like other social media platforms, any content plan must be carefully considered.

The best advice we can give as a starting point to LinkedIn marketing is to identify user intent. Users consume content on LinkedIn primarily to inform themselves about a certain category of industry. Users also want to show others that they’re smart, qualified, and knowledgeable about certain subjects. LinkedIn marketers will usually target users’ needs, creating high value, informational and useful content that they can consume in the industry or category they’re interested in.

The five types of content marketing that work best on LinkedIn are how-to lists about industry-specific topics, industry surveys and similar industry reports, industry-based editorials or opinion pieces, educational ebooks, and job opportunities or job-related information. When building one’s LinkedIn marketing, content types such as this can make a direct splash and attract eyes quickly. That said, there’s a lot of legwork that needs to happen if you’re going to take this and create long-lasting momentum from it for your B2B company.

Every piece of content you put out should continually be positioning your brand as an industry leader. Influential, inspiring, or educational content is smart for this point. It also may go without saying but your company’s LinkedIn company page should be filled out in its entirely with an attractive header image and relevant keywords spread throughout. Consider joining relevant LinkedIn groups which could open the doors to new B2B relationships. Indirectly as a lead generation strategy, comment and engage with others. Have fun with it!

LinkedIn also has paid advertising opportunities which can put your brand out into users’ newsfeeds. You have the option to create text-only, video, or text-and-video marketing ads. If you’re prospecting for new leads fast, this is a great way to do it. You arguably have better targeting options on LinkedIn than on Facebook or Twitter, something which has attracted numerous businesses to it. You can target according to job titles, industries, skills, gender, age, location, followers or non-followers, schools, and more.

Some surefire ways to keep the attention of a lead, as you work to turn them into a conversion, is to include a relevant image with your paid advertising, to always use clear and concise CTAs, and to make your value proposition clear from the outset. All of this will continually influence and strategically place your lead ready to close.

For B2B marketers, LinkedIn continues to give them big returns in leads and conversions, and it can do the same for you – as long as the strategies outlined in this article are followed. Although more work is sometimes required to implement certain marketing strategies on LinkedIn – simply because of the quality of the content you’ll want – it can pay off tremendously.

Get involved with LinkedIn marketing today and speak to a social media marketing expert at Unlimited Exposure. We can help in ensuring your strategy is on-point and that every opportunity is being capitalized on!

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