Why Business Owners Should Target Social Media Sales This 2020

Last updated: 09-13-2020

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Why Business Owners Should Target Social Media Sales This 2020

Running a successful business can be challenging. One, you have to be consistently on the lookout for new buyers. Two, you probably have a limited budget for marketing campaigns.

But still, you have to make sales to keep your business profitable. This can be a dilemma, especially when you have no idea what to do. Nonetheless, we’ve got some good news for you. 

Have you ever considered social media as a reliable marketing space? Yes, it is, and a bigger chunk of your potential buyers, such as Book of Ra managers are hanging out on social media platforms. That’s why you need to embrace social media marketing. 

In this article, we’ll explain why you should target social media sales in 2020. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, your revenues depend on this. We’re ready to get started. Are you? Let’s jump in!

The world is rapidly growing into a global community thanks to the internet. One way that this community stays lively is through social media management. And the best part: it brings together people from all walks of life.

If you’re to make more sales, you should have a wider reach of people with different origins, interests, and goals. Amazingly, social media networks will give you the opportunity to go beyond your geographical location.

Besides, this is an earned organic source of traffic and an audience that saves you on advertisement costs. How pleasant does that sound?

This approach enables you to take advantage of social media influencers with an established following. Social networks are budding with brand influencers, and you want to be part of this move.

Surprisingly, you won’t need to lift a finger apart from finding the best one in the market. Therefore, the influencer’s role is to create awareness of your brand and to drive engagements leading to sales.

Plus, you can decide to take it a notch higher by hiring influencers as social media managers. While some operate as freelancers, others run agencies. Depending on your budget, you can go for either option. 

There are multiple social accounts on the rise every day. However, the big ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and recently Tik Tok.

A good social media marketing strategy stipulates to have an online presence on these main social platforms. Besides, each is specific as to the most suitable content type that you can use.

The good news: each platform is a hangout point for different audiences. The big idea here’s that you can be relevant to your targeting and social media advertising. This is a prerequisite for effective marketing. The last thing you want is reaching out to the wrong people. Seriously, it can be an awful experience. 

Let’s face it! Not all customers will be satisfied with your product or service delivery. Therefore, you want to be part of a bigger social platform to get quick feedback and complaints. It’s also a way of showing you care.

Buyers are the bloodline of a thriving business. Therefore, their satisfaction should be your primary focus. Through social listening, you can seek for ways of improving a product or service. 

Interestingly, you can only get this from social media. Building a robust relationship with your audience is a sure-fire way of driving more sales through social listening. 

Now, this is the best part! Not everyone will buy from you when they first encounter your offer. Thus, you need a robust social media campaign that can take your leads on a customer value journey (CVJ).

Savvy marketers rely on CVJ to create awareness, engagement, lead acquisition, and selling low-cost offers. This is also the right approach for presenting the core offer, upsells, and cross-sells.

You’ll find this a subtle and seamless way of soft-selling to your buyers without being annoying. As you do this, rest assured of increasing your sales in 2020 and the years to come.

Social platforms are good for targeting and retargeting audiences based on interests, locations, gender, etc. And one best way to reach out to your clientele is through social media advertising. 

Most times, you’ll need to be sure before presenting goods or services to your buyers on other platforms (websites). The best way to approach this is to first test your offer on a smaller segment of your audience.

Depending on the reaction, you can be sure to expect the same when you present the offer to a large audience. A/B testing helps you to see where you need improvements.

People spend the better part of the day online. Thus you can find the right sample size for your A/B test. Moreover, you can use these audience insights to improve your offer, thereby attracting more sales.

Social proof is one of the reasons people make buying decisions. Persuasive selling becomes weak without adequate corroboration. Therefore, after selling to your audience, you can leverage this as proof for more sales.

Also, you can count on your existing buyers to act as brand advocates and promoters of your business. By this, you can reach wider audiences who are out of your circle of reach.

Lately, social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, are adapting e-commerce architecture. This means that you’ll have access to the best features to aid the selling of your products and services.

If you’re into e-commerce, you can integrate your store with social media platforms for social selling and listening. Besides, you can run advertising while directing traffic to your website or store.

Now more than before, business owners need to target social media sales. Compared to other avenues, social media is dependable. And more importantly, it’s an affordable means to reach out to your audience.

If you hesitate, then you’re missing a lot. The first step is creating social media accounts if you don’t have any. Are you ready for the challenge? It’s easier than you think. Now make it happen!

What’s your experience with social media marketing? Share your thoughts or questions in the comment section. Let’s get the discussion going.

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