Enhance Your Business Marketing with Twitter Trends

Last updated: 12-29-2020

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Enhance Your Business Marketing with Twitter Trends

Each day there are a number of different topics of conversation that surface on social media.

A successful business marketing plan includes tracking the latest information for your market. Twitter Trends is one of the most popular places to follow, but not all hashtags are useful for your company.

Just a few years ago target market research was a key component to use in business marketing. Today the needs of your audience are much easier to track, but like any other method this has to be done in a purposeful and focused way.

Hashtags are the starting point listed underneath your Twitter account on the the left hand side. These keywords are updated daily, and change according to what is popular. Take for example, the following trends going on just after a security breach at Sony Pictures:

If you are a celebrity, movie producer, politician, I.T. tech, ect. this might apply to your market. It’s important to know exactly what your followers are on the hunt for inside your business’s niche, as not all of these topics will be effective for your social media marketing.

Take advantage of free services such as Hashtags.org or #tagdef to dig deeper into social conversations and how these might apply to your business and audience. Let’s say, for example, that coffee is important for your brand. After entering the keyword, coffee, into Hashtags.org a detailed graph is presented on how this is trending:

This data provides hour-by-hour insights, which is critical to success especially on Twitter. It’s a good idea to study what is happening each day on the social network, and find a common ground for your business to track specific trends.

Most tweets sent out are considered authentic or organic, and there is a reason behind each trend. A successful marketing plan includes discovering the main drivers behind the topics and images people are most drawn to.

Once your business determines the demographics, popularity, and reason for keywords trending in your industry the next step would be implementing these tweets in a strategic way. Here are several ways to reach your target market with the right Twitter Trends in your market:

1. Offer useful or helpful information – Most companies are not involved in controversial topics, and it’s generally good practice to avoid these situations unless you know specifically how this might tie into your brand. Instead, offer a freebie, coupon, new information on your industry, a fun fact, or helpful tip with a professional image to attract attention. The right hashtags are important to include and can look something like this recent tweet from a pizza restaurant:

2. Be timely and focused – Once your business finds trends that are tailored to your niche stick with these topics for the day, but don’t allow the flow of content to linger after the hashtag is no longer popular. Timing is everything, especially on social media!

3. Track your results – After sending out a few trended tweets take advantage of Twitter’s free analytic service to see how your effective your marketing is. This can change according to your market’s needs, and so the results just might surprise you. There may be times when you thought a certain trend would do well, but your audience may respond in a way that you didn’t expect.

4. Follow up with your leads and customers – This is one step you do not want to miss when sending out tweets. When a business does not respond or communicate with its audience they quickly move on to the one that will. Decide now to make time for replies and answer questions your community might have in order to build a strong network of trusted brand advocates.

Twitter Trends can be a powerful and free way for your business to reach more people online, and creates an opportunity for your tweets to go viral when the right strategies are in place. Stay on target to the needs of your market, and create a variety of trending hashtags each week that your audience will love.

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