5 Useful Tips to Improve Your Social Media Video Marketing

Last updated: 02-08-2021

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5 Useful Tips to Improve Your Social Media Video Marketing

It is no mystery that in this era, social media is key to excelling in marketing. No longer is social media limited to youngsters; it is also becoming more prevalent among both the middle-aged and older generation.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or Instagram, your brand should be at least exploring these platforms as potential marketing channels. What has become even more of a trend is video marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. In various countries like Singapore for example, more and more businesses are hiring Singapore video production companies to create attractive, high-quality videos to be posted on these platforms.

With social media video marketing, you can easily promote your brand, products and services to the masses or to a specific target audience as long as you’re familiar with the tools and know-how to use them properly. That being said, here are ways you can improve your videos on social media!

Always ensure your video is optimized for all screens and follow the recommended dimensions for each social media platform. Just imagine if you were a business in Singapore and you spent thousands of dollars hiring the best corporate video production company in Singapore to produce the perfect corporate video - only to have it look weird on social media due to the dimensions being too big. Definitely, that is something that nobody wants.

Besides optimizing your video’s dimension, always ensure you add subtitles in your videos. According to Lyfe Marketing, about 85% of videos will autoplay on social video when viewed without any sound so you want your audience to know what your video is about regardless if there is sound or not.

Excellent video quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to your video. Users are more likely to continue watching a video when it is of superb video quality. According to a survey of 1,000 adult internet users done by Verizon Digital Media Services regarding their expectations on video quality, they found out that over 85% of respondents would like to have a television-like quality experience each time they watch a video online.

Meanwhile, roughly 25% of respondents have stated that they’ve stopped watching a video due to terrible video quality for at least 50% of the time in the past month. The conclusion? Try to get your video quality to be at HD at the very least to keep more viewers watching.

Usually, a person will breeze through her or his social media feed in mere seconds depending on the content at the time. Knowing this behaviour, your aim should be to grab their attention the moment they lay eyes on your content.

You can capture a person’s attention in more than one way such as having an intriguing thumbnail image for your video, a catchy title & caption, strategically using bright colors like red & yellow in your thumbnail image or even using animation videos made by the best animation studio in Singapore. Experiment with different methods and see what works!

Simplicity sells more than complexity in most cases. Even if you have a ton of information to summarise or break down, your goal should be to pick out the crucial points and relay them in the first few seconds. Or if possible, have an interesting plot or story and have your main messages added along the way so viewers will be even more fascinated.

Anything far too complicated should be scrapped off from your videos. Even when it comes to language-wise, you should never be too technical; anyone should be able to understand what is in your video easily.

Once the viewer bumps into a word which is foreign to them, they’ll most likely start to drift away from the video and move on to the next interesting content on their feed. As long as viewers are entertained enough, they may even watch the entire video clip - I mean, who doesn’t love a short but entertaining video? In a nutshell, don’t overcomplicate things and just convey your message in the simplest way possible.

Creativity is tough but sells more than the status quo. Try to be creative and unique when producing a video. Rather than sticking with the current trends, why not take things up a notch and explore something different instead?

For example, you could experiment with adding animated pullouts that have an impressive catchphrase to attract viewers into watching the video until the very end. The best part is that you can do this with no sound required. (Keep in mind that many videos today go on social media with no sound present. Hence, the earlier mention of adding subtitles to your videos.)

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