How to overcome your fears and start creating videos for your business | Clipchamp Blog

How to overcome your fears and start creating videos for your business | Clipchamp Blog

This blog is authored by String Nguyen, a Clipchamp video champion.

Do you hold back from creating videos for your business because you think it’s the hardest type of content to create? Scared of the possible judgement of online strangers? As a video influencer, I’m here to tell you all the reasons why you need to overcome your fears and start creating videos for your business with three easy, actionable strategies.

Sharing your personal experiences and knowledge on social media puts yourself out there to be exposed to judgement and criticism by the online community. 

What if people don’t like you?

What if I come across as silly?

What if they don’t agree with what you’re saying? 

The most common fear that stops individuals from creating videos is not being accepted when you put your face out there. Apparently, people fear public speaking more than death itself... 

Video is the highest and hardest type of content to create. Why? Because people hold back their personalities and voice in order to protect themselves from the judgement of strangers. 

Not only is judgement from others a key contributing factor to avoiding video content, but so is not knowing where to start. 

People hesitate to get started with filming a video because they just want to know where to start. My advice is, our phone is the best place to start! People often get caught up in thinking they don’t have the “best technology” and therefore don’t get started in the first place. Most of us have smartphones, and that’s all you need to get started creating video! It doesn’t even have to be the latest iPhone model as our phone cameras are so sophisticated that they are sometimes even better than a basic DSLR camera. If you’re still feeling held back, why not just record a webcam video? Not having the latest and best technology is not a good enough excuse anymore.

My advice to such people is to ask yourself this—what’s the worst comment you could possibly receive? 

I’ve never seen someone say “I hate your content”. 

If people disagree with you, treat it as you would treat a sales conversation. As a part of the sales process, we often have to rebuttal back on the objections. Someone disagreeing is okay, but if someone’s trolling you that is not okay. 

A lot of people don’t know how to deal with criticism as they are still navigating how to deal with their own ego. We all need a healthy sense of our ego to put ourselves out there but need to face the fact that we’re not going to be liked by everyone and that is okay! 

Below are my top 3 actionable strategies to overcome your fears and start your video marketing journey:

To create a great video for your business, you need to have clarity on what you would like to contribute to a conversation. 

Having confidence in yourself and your knowledge is vital! 

Being good at creating video content essentially means you’re good at communicating. 

Video is a way to showcase your thoughts in a clear and confident way. You usually can’t fake it, so when you get it right, you can become an authority in your space. 

To use video as a confidence tool, consider drafting a video script before you hit record.

To summarise how to overcome your fears and start creating videos for your business, I would like to leave you with this final advice. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion or knowledge in fear of others (online) not accepting you or disagreeing with what you’re saying. 

Don’t hold back your voice or authentic personality to impress others! Avoiding judgement is unheard of. Be yourself, don’t let your ego get in the way of creating amazing video content. 

Remember, all you need to do to start is turn on your smartphone camera and dance! 

You can overcome your creative blocks by picking up a professionally-designed video template on the Clipchamp iOS app and hitting record like I do when I make social media videos on my phone. 

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