Personalisation is the way to customer loyalty...

Last updated: 10-25-2020

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Personalisation is the way to customer loyalty...

COMPANIES wanting to keep customer loyalty and attract new clients need to be more inventive than ever before, according to the boss of a leading online, digital print company.

The fact that face-to-face meetings rarely take place at present and it is becoming increasingly difficult to make appointments to see potential clients are just some of the challenges many businesses are facing.

But according to Gary Peeling, CEO of Where The Trade Buys, this has led to a rise in companies creating personalised items to keep brand awareness front of mind.

Where The Trade Buys allows users to add their brand or logo to a number of different products, creating a bespoke, personalised item.

And the company has already noticed a surge of interest in companies taking advantage of this ability, ahead of the festive season.

A report on consumer spending by world-renowned service company, Deloitte, revealed that personalisation was of huge benefit to both businesses and consumers.

In its Consumer Review Deloitte said that “delivering personalised products and experiences can provide benefits for both the business and the consumer.”

And it warns that “in the future businesses that do not incorporate an element of personalisation into their offering risk losing revenue and customer loyalty.”

It goes on “offering mass personalisation gives businesses the opportunity to demonstrate the value customers get from their personal data being used.

“At the same time businesses gain insight into consumer behaviour. It also allows businesses to simply their product and service range which means lower marketing and production costs while creating more predictable demand.

“In addition, it makes it easier for consumers to understand the offer while getting better value for money.”

Mr Peeling believes the report highlights the important role that personalisation plays for many businesses, helping to drive brand awareness and also engage with customers.

“We built Where The Trade Buys so that customers could have easy access to product personalisation in a really simple to use format,” he said.

“And over the last few months this has become more important than ever. For companies, being able to create their own branded products is a vital way to connect with clients.

“At the same time with Christmas now almost upon us, sending out branded items – to customers or to staff who may have been working virtually for most of the year – is an easy to use solution with potentially huge benefits.

“It’s also way that our customers who use this service can help maximise their sales by highlighting these options to their end-users.”

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