4 Types of Marketing Collateral Your Business Needs

Last updated: 09-14-2020

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4 Types of Marketing Collateral Your Business Needs

If you want to capture the attention of your audience, you need to create the right materials to help them become familiar with what your company offers. Marketing collateral pieces are a great way to showcase that you know exactly what you are talking about, giving you a competitive edge in your field. With the right collateral pieces, you can further educate prospects with what your company has to offer.  

A well-maintained company blog is a great way to create and promote the kind of material that consistently provides value to your audience. A good blog can project authority in your industry, establishing you as an industry thought leader. Your brand needs to demonstrate that it understands industry trends and how your brand fits in with these trends.

An ebook is a downloadable piece of content, usually in exchange for contact information. Because these are gated content pieces, they provide a powerful opportunity for lead generation. Ebooks should be designed to build trust with prospects and customers, so make sure that you are channelling the right industry-specific information into a thoughtful piece of content.

Case studies are the product of another satisfied customer. Case studies provide a snapshot of how your product works with an active example. Think of it as verifiable proof that you can provide value to your customers. Use reputable customers who are willing to sing your praises, and develop a thorough, thoughtful piece of content for future customers. 

A white paper is a persuasive, authoritative report on a specific topic for your company. White papers are meant to identify a problem and propose a solution, written in a technical language for an audience that has a deeper understanding of your industry. These pieces should be objective and educational, so it’s not the place to pitch your product. Just present the facts and the solution.

How Marketing Eye Can Help

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