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Last updated: 09-25-2020

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SEO Trends to Know | Website Designs Content Marketing

These trends are happening now and will become more and more common as technology improves, possibly going beyond anything we can imagine at this point. You have to remember what the internet was like just 20 years ago, just 10 years ago, and 5 years ago. Understand that technology grows exponentially, which means that with each passing day the change happens faster and faster.

With all the different voice search technology coming out now and that is proposed to be coming out in the future, it’s imperative to learn what you can about ensuring your website is ready for voice search. This means that you want to provide answers to possible questions that your audience may ask and make sure those show up in the search.

Some people think link building is out of style, but it’s not. It’s still very important. But the links need to be natural and relevant. For example, if you guest post, they must appear on relevant and authoritative sites. If you want to be in a directory, it needs to be the right directory.

This has always been important but it’s getting easier to provide amazing user experiences due to technology. It enables you to create a better user experience with each passing day. Try to make the experience your users have the best that you can afford.

Since voice search works better with questions and answers, try to add content to your website in Q & A format. If you make the question the keyword phrase, that will make it easier for the search engines working with voice search to find your content.

Due to the high proliferation of mobile devices and the ease with which you can consume video content on it, video is in high demand by users. Try to create some of your content in the form of video on your website and blog.

Adding images to content makes it much more likely to be shared than content that has no images. But, make sure that each image has good alt tag information and description information so that search engines can pick it up. This also enhances user experience for blind and deaf people who use special readers to access the net. In addition, it helps when someone has a slow connection because they can read the descriptions of the site.

There are more search engines than just Google. YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all search engines now. People use them to search for information and to educate themselves on a variety of topics. Ensure that your answers show up when your customers search there.

Today, search engines like Google place content that is mobile friendly first. Well, more than mobile friendly – mobile optimized – first. If you want your content to be displayed first to your audience when they search for your information, it needs to be optimized for mobile.

You probably know already, but just in case you don’t; secure socket layer or SSL security must be on your site now or else the search will display that it is not secure, which will make people not trust your site. If you want to be trusted, get the SSL certificate now.

Getting your brand mentioned by the media, customers, and influencers is a good way to boost your visibility, not just to others but also to the search engines. When search engines realize you’re getting mentioned by others more often, they’ll index those mentions and take you more seriously.

Staying up to date on the trends that are happening and coming up is very important for the future of your business. Because if you fall too far behind, you will be left behind.

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