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Last updated: 12-22-2020

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Simple Ways to Create More Fresh Content | Website Designs Content

As most of my clients are members of business networking groups they understand the importance of getting out there and engaging other local businesses, this fellowship from other businesses is what leads to future sales. This is exactly the same with content marketing, you have to put it out there and engage your target audience. Having unique, interesting, compelling and fresh content is one of the main aims of content marketing. The more useful your target audience fin the content the better, and the more often you can provide it the better. But, we’re all hum and at times you get stuck for content ideas, you basically just don’t know what to write about. So let’s try and tackle that and get you hitting that publish button.

I’ve purchased many articles from content providers and I’ve learnt that different company have different methods of working and different specialties. I had an article written regarding Obarmacare and I wanted to make sure the legal aspects were correct, so I paid to have it written by an expert in the US at premium rates. I’ve learnt that more generic articles can be purchased elsewhere at similar or better quality and I’ve learnt of each company I have used shortcomings. If you are stuck for content, want to have it regularly scheduled or wish to have a break these services deliver quality generally based upon what you pay.

I’m constantly reading books, not your typical fiction story book but none fiction business books. I get a lot out of reading books, I read about making websites sell, designing better website and all your typical web type stuff… but I also read about business in general, defining your tribe, etc… and from each book I gain ideas for content marketing ideas. Oh and I rarely buy hardback books now, I love my Kindle and take it everywhere with me, it’s even on my iphone as an audible book for when I am out and about. Oh and the secret to reading is to read for enjoyment and not for ideas, as ideas for content just come from books you enjoy and those creative juices just seem to flow. Oddly, watching TV doesn’t help. Reading uses more energy and more of your brain, while watching TV uses less energy than sleeping.

I don’t know if you’ve attended a networking business function lately, but we’re all seeming to do less and less exercise as a nation, we tend to go out and eat and drink more and well this makes us tired and sluggish and it sure doesn’t help those creative juices. So get up thirty minutes earlier and go out for a walk, you’ll be amazed at how relaxing it is once you get used to it. And while you walk, you’re thinking and day dreaming and you’ll open your creative mind faster than almost any other activity.

If you’ve been blogging for a long time, it’s likely that you feel like you’ve said it before. Well, if you posted about something five years ago, it’s likely out of date. Take a little time once a week or so, or if you’re stuck for ideas, and go back to an old blog post. Rewrite it and update it, especially if the advice is now old or irrelevant. Add some new affiliate links to it, spruce it up. In addition, you can take a bunch of old blog posts, move them to a Word document, edit and create an eBook. Any way that you can make the old new again, is a good way to create fresh content.

As a Chamber of Commerce or Business Networking member you’ll appreciate how beneficial it is to get out and go networking. And if you’re networking events are like any of the ones I attend and I attend an awful lot, you’ll learn all manner of things, people will ask you for advice and give it to you when you have concerns. Consider using some of this information to create content from, especially if someone is asking you how you do something … you could write an article about it, record a webinar, write an eBook there are all sorts of things you could do, just based on one question being asked of you at a networking event and if you network where your customers are, it gets even better.

Finally, remember to keep a note pad, or use your smartphone to write down ideas as they come to you. Don’t believe for one moment you’ll remember it later. Even if you’re in the shower and come up with an idea, get out and write it down before it goes away. By tracking all your ideas, you’ll easily be able to sit down anytime you have the time, look at your list of ideas and create fresh content on demand.

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