7 Promo Product Ideas for Cybersecurity Month

Last updated: 10-02-2020

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7 Promo Product Ideas for Cybersecurity Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it has perhaps never been more important for organizations and their employees to take that seriously.

Digital age criminals have become more organized and sophisticated, perpetrating hackings on companies large and small, sometimes crippling organizations’ technological infrastructure and rendering the firms inoperable until hefty ransoms are paid. Promo firms know this all too well, with Top 40 suppliers and distributors having suffered attacks and some smaller industry companies having been put out of business by the cyber assaults.

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated matters, driving a surge in the practice of working from home. Such remote work presents a plethora of cybersecurity challenges for organizations, as is noted here and here.

Making matters even more challenging is that even the most robust IT security measures can be compromised through user error. An employee, for instance, can unwittingly click on a document from a hacker in an email that launches malware that brings down an entire corporation’s network.

Interestingly, promotional products can play an important role in teaching and reinforcing cybersecurity best practices by employees. Here are some products and ideas for doing just that. These initiatives could work for organizations across markets – any end-client that uses computers and accesses the internet, which, of course, is every client.

Have the mousepad include graphics and messaging that conveys basic information about how to spot phishing emails from hackers. The mousepad is a particularly good option because it will be right before the employee/end-user when they’re using their computers. One of many options include the pictured mousepad from Digispec (asi/49716), which is shown above.

The cloths allow for a print area upon which cybersecurity tips can be featured. People will use these to clean their mobile phone, laptop, tablet and computer screens. Having security messaging front and center as end-users interact with their devices is an excellent reminder/reinforcer of best practices. Promo is replete with microfiber cloth products. Consider pairing the cloth with a small silicone wallet that can affix to the back of a mobile device; the wallet can feature additional cybersecurity messaging or graphics. One option is this silicone wallet with microfiber cloth (MFSW) from Webb Company (asi/95838).

These products, which help folks clean dust, crumbs and more from their keyboards and screens, can again provide messaging on cybersecurity as people use their computers, helping to keep the strategies top of mind when it matters most. Consider the computer power sweeper/screen cleaner (184) from Hit Promotional Products (asi/61125).

Looking for something a bit techier? Try a keyboard vacuum cleaner that comes with a USB, like the product (MCNL018) seen here from Magic Branding Promos Inc. (asi/68473). The USB can feature extensive information on cybersecurity best practices, while the cleaner itself can present a bold message about always being vigilant and cautious when it comes to digital interactions.

Webcam covers are a cybersecurity tool in themselves, helping to keep employees shielded from the prying eyes of potential intruders. What’s more, they sit front and center before the end-user as they’re working on their computers. That’s prime real estate for hammering home cybersecurity reminders. Get a two-in-one boost with this webcam clipster with screen cleaner (WCC400) from Tekweld (asi/90807).

Like the webcam covers, RFID wallets can reinforce cyber safety while also serving the practical purpose of keeping users safer from digital age crooks. RFID refers to radio frequency identification protection, which guards personal data that’s stored electronically on credit cards and the like. This RFID sleeve wallet (IT404) from Prime Line (asi/79530) achieves the RFID protection through hidden aluminum sheeting that’s under PVC. Banks and financial services companies may be especially keen for this item.

Rewarding employees and creating a sense of team/camaraderie related to cyber safety can spark greater buy-in and adoption of best cybersecurity practices among an organization’s employees. So, encourage clients to provide employees who complete cybersecurity training and who pass cybersecurity tests with reward packages. These packages, which can go to remote and in-office employees, can include items mentioned earlier in this article as well as additional products that might be useful/sought-after given the time of year or other factors. Messaging on the products and/or in a letter that comes with the package can emphasize the importance of being a team player whose commitment to cyber best practices helps ensure the organization’s safety and success.

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