Six Powerful Ideas to Inspire You! / PromoJournal - Promo Biz Coach

Six Powerful Ideas to Inspire You!  / PromoJournal - Promo Biz Coach

Have you ever had a day when you felt like you couldn’t get anything done? You weren’t feeling inspired, you lacked motivation and you needed something stronger than coffee to jumpstart your day!  I know I’ve had those days.

Those are the days when motivation from my favorite business gurus really helps! Personally, I have several of my favorite business quotes hanging in my office. They inspire me and get me going, even on my worst days!

In this month’s blog, I’m going to share some of my favorite quotes and one mantra from me. I’ve also included  comments on how these ideas can help you achieve even greater success in your promotional products business.

“Do the most important thing first every day, sounds simple, no one does it! “  James Clear

 At the end of every business day make a list of your top three priorities for the next day. It may be reaching out to a new prospect, updating your LinkedIn Profile or putting together a presentation for an important client. Whatever it is, do it first! It’s amazing how much more you’ll get done when you prioritize your day!

“Great sales people are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.”   Jeffrey Gitomer

I love this quote.  If you go into a sales meeting thinking what can I sell this person, you’re missing the boat! The most successful sales people think, “How can I help this person get what they want?” That’s how you grow your sales!

“The questions you ask are more important than the things you could ever say.”  Thomas Freese

The most successful promotional product sales professionals don’t talk about themselves and their products instead they focus on learning as much as possible about the prospects needs by asking powerful questions. One of the top questions to ask any new prospect is, “What’s your current biggest business challenge?” Once you know what’s important to your prospect or client, you can seek to help solve that challenge by using an effective, targeted promotional product or launching a promotional campaign.

This is another powerful idea that can make a huge difference in your sales success! Every day try and improve just 1 percent. Send one more virtual sample, reach out to one more connection on LinkedIn, make one more sales call. Instead of competing with others, compete with yourself. Small steps taken every day will vastly improve your success!

“To get your foot in the door of big companies, break big companies into small entities. Start by solving a small problem first”   Jill Konrath

The first big company sale I got was at a major pharmaceutical company, but it wasn’t with anyone in the marketing department, it was with someone in human resources.  It was a small order for awards. Because my contact was so pleased with the results, she referred me to other larger departments and the that’s when my sales grew tremendously!  If you want big company sales,  follow Jill’s advice and my own story and start with a smaller department first.  Big companies have to get to know you, like you and trust you before you’ll get the larger orders. Want more proven strategies for getting  more sales and larger orders in big companies? Watch my On-Demand Webinar Secrets of Selling to Big Companies at

“You can’t be all things to all people, but you can be a star in your target market. Focus on a growing niche and become an expert in it!” – Rosalie Marcus

This is a mantra I live by and recommend to my coaching clients. These days people want to do business with experts. When you have niche market expertise, prospects and clients will want to do business with you. You’ll get more sales, more repeat orders and more referrals. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell outside of your target market; this is just where you’ll focus the majority of your marketing efforts.

Here's to being inspired every day! 

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