Why Your Social Media Isn’t Bringing You Any Clients

Last updated: 07-19-2020

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Why Your Social Media Isn’t Bringing You Any Clients

Nothing is more frustrating than putting time into creating content, showing up on social media, taking time to make sure your captions are just right.. just to hear crickets. Trust me, I’ve been there. After leaving my traditional 9-5 I had to figure out how to build my personal brand to attract clients to my brand new social media consultation and management business, faster than I ever had to before.

More than ever, building my personal brand, creating authority and building an engaged audience was an important part of growing my business. I had to completely re-vamp how I was using social media in order to really gain clients.

So let’s get real about your social media presence: Your number of followers have nothing to do with how much money you can make from social media marketing. Read that again…

Posting content that is “cute” or just engaging for engagement’s sake that has nothing to do with your business will not cultivate an audience that is interested in what you have to offer.

Posting randomly is not going to attract new engaged audience members on a consistent basis

Solely posting about your latest sale is not going to push drones of people to contact you…

Throwing together content just to get something posted isn’t going to work either.

Posting without a plan will only keep you stuck in the busy work, feeling like you’re actually doing things, when in reality – you’re just getting stuck in activities that aren’t getting you the clients you need. You can spend all the money and time in the world organizing photoshoots and creating content, but if you aren’t thinking about how to build an audience that is actually interested in your product, no one will see your amazing content and you will not grow your audience and more importantly you will not be converting anyone into a paying customer.

Having a solid social media strategy in place will take the stress off of creating content and showing up consistently – in the right way. Laying out a well thought out, goal oriented social media strategy, will help you grow a community of engaged followers that you can convert into customers. You’ll no longer be worried about what to post, or if anyone will care.

Are you ready to create a plan to show up on social media the right way and grow your presence? If you’re not sure where to start I invite you to join me for my new social media strategy mastermind. It’s where I’m giving you the step-by-step system I created that teaches you how to grow your business on social media with an algorithm proof strategy.

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