5 Important Digital Marketing Metrics Need To Be Monitored For Attaining Success

Last updated: 11-26-2020

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5 Important Digital Marketing Metrics Need To Be Monitored For Attaining Success

When you are up for implementing a digital marketing strategy into your business, you must have an equal idea regarding the metrics that you need to follow and monitor for better outcomes. Guys, many of you choose a random strategy and expect a great result in the end. With zero ideas about the digital marketing metrics, you end up creating a mess for your own business.

We don’t want to you repeat this mistake again. Neither we want you to have a loss in your venture. If you are talking about your digital marketing success, you must learn the areas where you need to put more focus. 

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Website Traffic : How according to you different companies derive their digital marketing success? Well, they determine the key metric – website traffic to find their position in the digital marketplace. Your website is the door to your services or products. Just like you monitor the number of visitors entering your shop, you have to monitor the same for your digital door as well. Website traffic is nothing but visitors who may or may not turn up as customers. All your digital marketing efforts are made to improve the website traffic. Whether you talk about your social media campaign or search engine optimization, all aim to traffic generation. Therefore, it is necessary to find whether the efforts meet your targets or not. Find the volume of traffic generated from different sources like organic search, direct visitors, referrals, social media, etc. and determine your marketing success. Impressions : While marketing your brand digitally, you perhaps have run multiple campaigns over the web. Now, the only way to determine whether the campaigns are up to the mark or not is to find the number of impressions. Impressions are defined as a large number of views generated on specific content. The content can be a social media post, a web page, an advertisement, and many more. No matter how many times a person visited the social media post or ad, each time he will be considered as a new person. This implies more the number of clicks, the higher will be the impression. Compared to social reach, impressions are often higher as social reach is only measured one per user.  Click-through rate : Do you prefer the email marketing technique or paid advertising technique? In that case, you must monitor the click-through rate to figure out those performances. Click-through rate is referred to the number of users click on a specific link by the total number of users who visited the page or read the email or advertisement. If you run an email marketing campaign and shared email blasts with your contacts, you can measure the click-through rate to analyze how many people are actually interested in your ad. This is the best way to find whether your email message or an advertisement is working or not.  Social engagement : Digital marketing without social media is baseless. You just can’t think about it, if you are desperate to attain success. Hence, you must be showing consistency on social media by sharing different curative posts, creating creative content, running events, and ad campaigns. Now the question is how to find whether your social media marketing efforts are effective? Too easy! Just read the social engagement rate. Measuring the engagement ratio will give you an insight into your brand performance on social media. It is very easy to find a social engagement level. Just measure the factors including the number of clicks, views, retweets, shares, comments, likes, and reactions. Remember, social engagement influences search engine rankings. Therefore, there is no way to avoid it. Bounce rate : Another most important metric to consider is the bounce rate. The bounce rate determines the percentage of visitors left the page without taking any action or purchase. Getting the statistic on this is essential if you want to make business improvements. By measuring the bounce rate, you can determine the traffic that has bounced away. Hence you can reach out to the errors that have resulted in such a negative impact. Some prominent reasons behind this are high loading speed, 404 not found pages, irrelevant content, no proper CTA, etc.

There are endless digital marketing metrics that need exclusive tracking and constant monitoring. To perform the job, Google Analytics is the best option. 

Do you prefer using this tool? Asocialmedia agency in Delhior Kolkata highly recommends choosing this Google-based tool to keep an eye on a digital marketing campaign. It is absolutely free, hence do not cause hurdles in business. Go for it to note down the metrics.

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