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An Emotional Connection Matters More than Customer Satisfaction

Last updated: 04/13/2021

In the search for profitable organic growth, more and more companies are making major investments in optimizing the end-to-end customer experience – every aspect of how...

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Don't Neglect Your Branding Before Launching Your Business

Last updated: 04/12/2021

Generally, entrepreneurs have a decent understanding of running a business and the various things they can do to expand the trade. However, branding is something that many...

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5 top online advertising trends for your startup to use in 2021

Last updated: 04/09/2021

The year is off to a challenging start with brands and ad agencies in many markets still trying to figure out which channels to spend their budgets on. But as we all know, most...

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How To Create Customer Love In The Digital World

Last updated: 04/07/2021

Many companies are embracing technology. They are finding ways to serve the customer using digital tools. Self-service tools give customers control over their experience....

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7 Times Brands Went Viral for All the Wrong Reasons

Last updated: 04/03/2021

In the modern era of mobiles devices and social media, any brand can instantly become a viral sensation — or a viral nightmare — and it oftentimes doesn’t take much for either...

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Proven Local Marketing Strategies to Drive Customer Experience & ROI

Last updated: 04/02/2021

Today’s consumer is looking for more personalized, meaningful brand interactions. How can you better connect to maximize your marketing ROI? On March 24, I moderated a Search...

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Humanizing Your Brand on Social Media

Last updated: 04/02/2021

Humanizing Your Brand on Social Media Humanizing Your Brand on Social Media March 30, 2021 Buffer 0 Shares “Be yourself,” is probably one of the most common advice people give...

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Customer Experience Could Be The Reason Your Online Shoppers Aren’t Converting

Last updated: 03/31/2021

Customer Experience Could Be The Reason Your Online Shoppers Aren’t Converting Written by Himanshu Rauthan All humans — including your customers — are emotional...

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Developing Your Brand Voice on Social Media

Last updated: 03/30/2021

Unfortunately, many brands don’t take the time to think about cultivating a unique voice. They treat it as more of an afterthought. As a result, they fail to portray a...

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How to Humanize Your Brand with Authentic Content

Last updated: 03/29/2021

Marketing success boils down to one thing: your audience’s trust. When you humanize your brand with authentic content, you can build the kind of trust that makes your company...

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